[FRIAM] 3 new groovy articles

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Thu May 26 12:12:16 GMT+4 2005

Groovy, the nifty new java scripting language is getting a lot of press 
now that it is maturing enough to be used in real projects.

Here are three new articles, taken from a contributor's mail to the 
groovy list:

allow me to highlight the latest Groovy article by Andrew Glover
titled "Stir some Groovy into your Java apps - Exploit Groovy's
simplicity by embedding simple, easy-to-write scripts" published in the
IBM developerWorks Practically Groovy series.

allow me to highlight another Groovy article titled "Closures in
Groovy - Good Fences Make Good Functions" written by Craig Castelaz and
published on Sun's Java.Net site.

allow me to highlight another Groovy article titled "Getting to Know
Groovy" by John Zukowski published on the Sun Developer Network site.

Let me know if you give it a try.  I'd be particularly interested in 
using it with Repast as a way to use scripting in ABM.

	-- Owen

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