[FRIAM] Agent-based simulation of pandemic flu

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This (http://www.nigms.nih.gov/News/Results/FluModel040306) is part of the
project named MIDAS that I am currently working on at RTI.  The work is
funded by NIH.  At present, MIDAS has three research groups producing avian
bird flu analysis results at the request of a consortium of representatives
from the White House, HHS, DHS, Secty of Treasury, and Secty of State.
Within the next 5 - 6 weeks there will be more results produced. The three
research groups are Virginia Biotechnical Institute, VBI (comprised mostly
of my old colleagues from LANL, led by Chris Barrett), the University of
Washington, and Imperial College of the UK.


On 5/5/06, Jochen Fromm <fromm at vs.uni-kassel.de> wrote:
> Recent agent-based simulation of a pandemic flu outbreak,
> initially introduced by the arrival of 10 infected
> individuals in LA.
> http://www.lanl.gov/news/images/avianflu.shtml
> http://www.nigms.nih.gov/News/Results/FluModel040306
> QuickTime movie
> http://www.lanl.gov/news/images/bird4x3red.mov
> -J.
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