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Randy Burge burge at proactiveteams.com
Mon Jul 30 15:46:00 EDT 2007

For those interested in watching Cormac's entire interview with Oprah, taped
at SFI, you can register for the Oprah Book Club.

Cormac's interview is one of the first listed on the home page.

Link to interview: registration may be required. If you get through with
this link, you may not have to join:


on 7/26/07 1:11 PM, Marcus G. Daniels at marcus at snoutfarm.com wrote:

> http://www.flakmag.com/books/cormacoprah.html
>> The interview begins with the question of McCarthy's reclusive nature,
>> which proves nothing as studied or fraught as Salinger or Pynchon. Of
>> publicity tours and the like, he says simply, "I don't think it's good
>> for your head. If you spend a lot time thinking about how to write a
>> book, you probably shouldn't be talking about it, you probably should
>> be doing it."
>> "It's nothing against the press or the media?"
>> "You work your side of the street and I'll work mine," he says with a
>> smile.

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