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A solid tutorial here.


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Data visualization tutorial in

Posted: 13 Apr 2010 12:40 AM PDT

If you absolutely refuse to touch any code, I suggest Many
Eyes<http://many-eyes.com>or one of the fine FD sponsors, but if
you're looking to get your hands
dirty, Processing <http://processing.org> is a great place to start.

Jer Thorp, whose
saw not too long ago, posts this introduction
data visualization with Processing.

I’m going to start from scratch, work through some examples, and (hopefully)
make some interesting stuff. One of the nice things, I think, about this
process, is that we’re going to start with fresh, new data – I’m not sure
what kind of things we’re going to find once we start to get our hands
dirty. This is what is really exciting about data visualization; the chance
to find answers to your own, possibly novel questions.

The examples are straightforward, the results are interesting, and most
importantly, it gives you a lot to work off of with your own data and
geometry. Hopefully it's the first post of many.

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