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Latest edition of JASS is out. It includes a paper "Projected diffusion of
Apple iPad through physically and demographically diverse small-world

OK, it doesn't but I figured that was the only way I could attract Owen's

-- R

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The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (
http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk) published issue 1 of Volume 13 on

JASSS is an electronic, refereed journal devoted to the exploration and
understanding of social processes by means of computer simulation.   It is
freely available, with no subscription.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Norm Internalisation in Human and Artificial Intelligence
  by  Martin Neumann

Social Simulations: Improving Interdisciplinary Understanding of Scientific
Positioning and Validity
  by  Stuart Rossiter, Jason Noble and Keith R.W. Bell

Social Influence and Decision-Making:  Evaluating Agent Networks in Village
Responses to Change in Freshwater
  by  Mark Altaweel, Lilian N. Alessa and Andrew D. Kliskey

A Spatial Approach to Network Generation for Three Properties: Degree
Distribution, Clustering Coefficient and Degree Assortativity
  by  Jennifer Badham and Rob Stocker

Using Microsimulation to Optimize an Income Transfer System Towards Poverty
  by  Seppo Sallila

Large Scale Daily Contacts and Mobility Model - an Individual-Based
Countrywide Simulation Study for Poland
  by  Franciszek Rakowski, Magdalena Gruziel, Michal Krych and Jan P

Special Section: Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation III:
  by  Nuno David, José Castro Caldas and Helder Coelho

Agent-Based Models and Simulations in Economics and Social Sciences: From
Conceptual Exploration to Distinct Ways of Experimenting
  by  Denis Phan and Franck Varenne

Simulation-Based Definitions of Emergence
  by  Alan Baker

Explaining Simulations Through Self Explaining Agents
  by  Maaike Harbers, John-Jules Meyer and Karel van den Bosch

Ontology, a Mediator for Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science
  by  Pierre Livet, Jean-Pierre Muller, Denis Phan and Lena Sanders

A Methodology for Complex Social Simulations
  by  Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Bootstrapping Knowledge About Social Phenomena Using Simulation Models
  by  Bruce Edmonds

Optimization and Falsification in Empirical Agent-Based Models
  by  Sebastian Schutte

What Do Agent-Based and Equation-Based Modelling Tell Us About Social
Conventions:  The Clash Between ABM and EBM in a Congestion Game Framework
  by  Federico Cecconi, Marco Campenni, Giulia Andrighetto and Rosaria Conte

Book Reviews    (Review editor: Flaminio Squazzoni)

Elizabeth Bruch reviews:
      Sociology and Complexity Science: A New Field of Inquiry
(Understanding Complex Systems) by Castellani, Brian and Hafferty, Frederic

James Keirstead reviews:
      The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges by Ball, Michael
and Wietschel, Martin (eds.)

Camille Roth reviews:
      Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks by Goyal,

Emile Chappin reviews:
      From System Complexity to Emergent Properties (Understanding Complex
Systems) by Aziz-Alaoui, M.A. and Bertelle, C. (eds.)

Bruce Edmonds reviews:
      Indeterminacy: The Mapped, the Navigable, and the Uncharted by Ciprut,
V. Jose (Ed.)

Floriana Gargiulo reviews:
      Adaptive Networks. Theory, Models and Applications (Understanding
Complex Systems) by Gross, Thilo and Sayama, Hiroki (eds.)

Wolfgang Radax reviews:
      Artificial Economics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical
Systems) by Hernandez, Cesareo, Posada, Marta and Lopez-Paredes, Adolfo

Jean-Philippe Rennard reviews:
      Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the New AI
(Bradford Books) by Johnston, John

Attila Szabo reviews:
      Tax and Benefit Policies in the Enlarged Europe (Public Policy and
Social Welfare) by Lelkes, Orsolya and Sutherland, Holly

Ahmadreza Asgharpour and Flaminio Squazzoni review:
      Social Structures by Martin, John Levi

Tommaso Ciarli reviews:
      Innovation Networks. New Approaches in Modelling and Analyzing by
Pyka, Andreas and Scharnhorst, Andrea (eds.)

Klaus G. Troitzsch reviews:
      The Complexity of Human Communication (Hampton Press Communication) by
Salem, Philip


The new issue can be accessed through the JASSS home page: <

The next issue will be published at the end of March 2010.

Submissions are welcome: see <
Editor: Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey, UK
Forum Editor: Klaus G. Troitzsch, Koblenz-Landau University, Germany
Review Editor: Flaminio Squazzoni, University of Brescia, Italy
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