[FRIAM] The disappearing virtual library

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Tue Apr 24 18:33:17 EDT 2012

Another input from Harvard:

*"Harvard recently sent a memo to faculty saying, 'We write to communicate
an untenable situation facing the Harvard Library. Many large journal
publishers have made the scholarly communication environment fiscally
unsustainable and academically
This situation is exacerbated by efforts of certain publishers (called
"providers") to acquire, bundle, and increase the pricing on journals.' The
memo goes on to describe the situation in more detail and suggests options
to faculty and students for the future that includessubmitting articles to
open-access journals<http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/apr/24/harvard-university-journal-publishers-prices>.
If Harvard paves the way with this, how long until other academic bodies
follow suit and cut off companies such as
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