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Thu Feb 16 20:29:06 EST 2012

Fascinating story, though I have to disagree that miles or AmEx points are
more valuable.

The idea of badges (especially the Open Badge architecture that Mozilla
Foundation has been working on) is really changing the world of
professional credentialing and might help to change the fairly byzantine
world of academic credentialing.  The idea behind badges is that learning
outside of the classroom can be recognized by skill assessment -- people
can learn skills, perform a particular set of assessments or test
applications, and then receive a Mozilla badge for it.  All of this happens
at fairly low cost.  Compare this to university or community college
certificate programs, which force you to sit through a course and pay for a
course, even if you have the skills the course teaches!  Sure, you can use
CLEP or prior learning assessments to get some credits, but the
institutions still find a way to make a buck off of you by making you take *
some* classes before getting the certification.

Arne Duncan has been a big proponent of the system and the Department of
Education is working on integrating this idea into its continuing
education/vocational education programs.  The badging system is ultimately
going to make credentialing cheaper.  Maybe it will even drive down the
ridiculous prices of college education, in the long run.


On 16 February 2012 20:19, Tom Johnson <tom at jtjohnson.com> wrote:

> Another example of interesting trends in the Open Data galaxy.  Although
> giving frequent flyer miles of AmEx points might be more appreciated than
> "badges."
> *Today, we’re announcing plans for a School of Data. The School will be a
> joint venture between the Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>and Peer
> 2 Peer University (P2PU) <http://p2pu.org/>. We also welcome other
> organizations who would like to participate — see below for more on this.
> *
> *The School of Data will adopt the successful peer-to-peer learning model
> established by P2PU and Mozilla in their ‘School of Webcraft’ partnership.
> Learners will progress by taking part in ‘learning challenges’ – series of
> structured, achievable tasks, designed to promote collaborative and
> project-based learning.*
> *As learners gain skills, their achievements will be rewarded through
> assessments which lead to badges. Community support and on-demand
> mentoring will also be available for those who need it.*
> http://blog.okfn.org/2012/02/08/announcing-the-school-of-data/
> --tom johnson
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