VeniceTable: Interactive Traffic Simulation Table

sponsor: European Union and City of Venice, Italy

directors: Stephen Guerin, Fabio Carrera
sofware developers: Stephen Guerin, Owen Densmore, August Swanson, Skyler Swanson, Ben Lichtner, Ilan Shomonory, Shawn Barr
venice support: Alberto Gallo, Kyle Miller

keywords: AgentBasedModeling, Visualization, AmbientComputing, Simtable, Venice, EuropeanUnion, RedfishGroup, FormaUrbis, CityKnowledge

photo credit: © Kyle H. Miller

The VeniceTable project was sponsored by the European Union's CIVITAS Project. The CIVITAS Initiative helps cities to achieve a more sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport system by implementing and evaluating an ambitious, integrated set of technology and policy based measures. The VeniceTable was delivered as part of the MOBILIS project in Venice led by Fabio Carrera.

The Venice Table is a simulation of venice waterbourne traffic based on data collected by human observers in Venice. The data consists of turn data collected at 23 observation points in the Venice canal system and includes a timestamp, individual license plate and the canal id that a boat arrived at an intersection and the canal id the boat was observed leaving an intersection. Agent-based models were used to infer individual boat trajectories subject to total canal volume constraints and one-way traffic regulations on certain canals.

The purpose of the VeniceTable is to allow multiple stakeholders including city administration, taxi drivers, cargo operators and citizens to plan the canal regulations to minimize traffic noise and wakes, moto ondoso, to minimize impact to architecture. Further objectives were to create efficient mobility patterns for taxi and cargo operators. The table uses tangible real-world objects like whiteboard magnets for loading and sorting GIS data and laserpointers for allowing multiple users to simultaneously interact with the simulation.

The project uses machine vision in a projector camera pairing that is related technology to other SFComplex projects like Simtable and AmbientPixel.