About Dr. Manoj Gambhir

Manoj worked from 1994-1998 at Cambridge University, UK, as a graduate student in the departments of Physics and Earth sciences. He researched, through computer simulations and mathematical methods, structural phase transitions in crystalline and non-crystalline materials, all of which happened to have some geological significance. Following this, Manoj joined the inter-dealer brokerage firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, at their offices in London. There, he wrote algorithms to calculate the fair (eg. no arbitrage, Black-Scholes) prices of various financial instruments for trading floor brokers.

A hop over to Cambridge, MA, resulted in a new job as a scientist at BiosGroup -- a company offering organizations consulting solutions inspired by complexity science. After a year and a half stint with BiosGroup, Manoj headed back into the research world and joined Doyne Farmer's economics and market ecology group at the Santa Fe Institute, where he worked until July 2002.

Manoj's current research page is at http://www1.imperial.ac.uk/medicine/people/m.gambhir/