[FRIAM] the arc of socioeconomics, personal and public: was VPN server

Vladimyr vburach at shaw.ca
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Good point and that took a moment to grasp.
What you point out is a very complex issue, much more than a
simple transform of a matrix. Which also may be regarded as leaving no

Or so I thought, but we all seem to use "mental maps"

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Vladimyr writes:

"If the referents are robustly entrenched in formalism then likely so are
the artifacts."

I work on source-to-source compilers.   There's no real-world referent.
Just transformations between representations.  

Back to Bird Songs

and Star-Nosed Moles
If now we can see "Mental Maps" Glen's position seems archaic and like
scholastic rhetoric.
So bird's have a neural tutor within their brain assuring rigor based on
High Quality Referent Sound Waves.


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