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Which cohort would you rather be in?


It'll be simpler to choose before you leave the bag:


On 04/26/2017 07:05 AM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> Perhaps the pro-lifer's could pay mothers of unwanted pregnancies to transfer their work-in-progress to such an incubator, given an adoption contract.   The work could be done at Planned Parenthood clinics of course!  A "Win, Win!"
> And with a bag, the infant could get a head start on watching television, and other important activities!
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>> https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/04/preemies-floating-i
>> n-fluid-filled-bags/524181/
> Very cool!  Being a bastard (http://bastards.org/), myself, I can't help but be jealous of the children of the future.


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