[FRIAM] bah!

Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Wed Apr 26 12:45:31 EDT 2017

> Steve writes:
> "Who are we becoming?"
> In spite of the Steve Bannon's of the world, whatever the hell we want.
> Marcus
I have always operated on this tenet myself, but have observed others 
seeming to fail at that task.  Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" and 
many other books on propoganda and social manipulation (right down to 
the fine grain of NLP)  seem to suggest that "whatever the hell we want" 
might be a bit slipperier than I *want* it to be?  Others' failures (as 
observed through my lens) and my own (younger) self's failure both serve 
as a cautionary tale for me on this subject.

I think Glen's weigh in (covered in another post to follow) is 
salient.   The "vagueness of self" or more aptly the oxymoron of "(each 
hu)man is an Island"?

- Steve

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