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Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Wed Apr 26 14:28:43 EDT 2017

According to this particular scam-mail (I get way too many of these and 
too many (any?) get past my automated spam filter, then they 
(occasionally) tweak my curiosity (organic spam filter) enough to peek 
inside) "the Donald" is an early adopter and YOU CAN BE TOO!

I'm guessing your (Marcus') "whitelash" and other "low information" 
voters are out there buying this snake oil/pills (how do I know it is 
snake oil?  All I have is pro-forma evidence I suppose, maybe it is "the 
good stuff"!?

My general contention on this topic is based on my own mental model of 
sentience/intelligence/spirituality which does not conflate intelligence 
with wisdom nor morality.   I don't have a good definition for the last 
two really, so maybe I'm just flapping my gums (fingertips here)...  but 
I tend to imagine that perceptions lead to observations lead to data 
lead to information lead to knowledge lead to wisdom.   Or at least this 
is a subsumption hierarchy in the sense that wisdom is not possible 
without knowledge which is not possible without information which ... 

Maybe in my model I at least tentatively agree with you that improved 
neural biochemistry will allow whatever information is already present 
to be processed more effectively, but given what I find these proverbial 
"low information" voters to be operating on in the first place, it is 
likely they will just make even larger, more extravagant mistakes?

I don't know, I'm of two minds on all of this.  It irks me to want 
suggest that improved ability to think well (having a Good Brain like 
the Donald) would ever be a bad thing... but it feels a bit like 
thinking that my 8 year old would be a better member of society if he 
had a high capacity assault rifle with a good assortment of DU 
armor-piercing/mercury filled hollow-point/incendiary rounds in high 
capacity clips than the red ryder BB gun I gave him when he was 6 to 
replace the slingshot I gave him at age 3.

>   sas The President Takes this daily.
> sas The President Takes this 
> <http://www.braiinenhancer.com/4c18tS6F_Btb1A13YnKnFyKXK2N0Mjh5eY/incrementing-includes> 
> Trump is a big fan of creating jobs, reading books, and doing puzzles, 
> but according to O'Reilly, he also credits his success to an IQ 
> boosting, brain pill 
> <http://www.braiinenhancer.com/4c18tS6F_Btb1A13YnKnFyKXK2N0Mjh5eY/incrementing-includes>that 
> helped him with memory, and recall. "This pill is the real magic," 
> says Mr.Trump.
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