[FRIAM] Santa Fe's Sugar Tax

Joe Spinden js at QRi.us
Wed Apr 26 17:24:29 EDT 2017

It is Elitist to be in favor of something that promotes general health ?

As to whether the tax would affect consumption:

1. There are not many things that I would buy more of if the price were 
raised.  So from personal experience, I would expect the tax to be at 
worst consumption neutral.

2. The fact that so much dark money has come into the campaign on the 
side of rejecting the tax suggests that some "anonymous" "individuals" 
with large amounts of money believe the tax would reduce consumption.


On 4/26/17 3:14 PM, Owen Densmore wrote:
> Am I the only one who smells Elitist? After all, it won't impact US!
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