[FRIAM] Santa Fe's Sugar Tax

Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Wed Apr 26 17:58:23 EDT 2017

Perhaps it is elitist to even be questioning any of this?

If you have the time/energy/resources to worry about the impact of 
sugary drinks on the general population, that might be elitist, no 
matter how you land/vote on the topic?

Here is an interesting article on the question of elitism from 2008 by 
Tom Alderman:


On 4/26/17 3:54 PM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> Joe writes:
> “It is Elitist to be in favor of something that promotes general health?”
> It is elitist to burden your neighbors’ pocketbook by pushing for law 
> to promote general health AND is it is elitist to not care about your 
> neighbors’ health!  Damned elitists!
> Marcus
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