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Glen and the congregation.

I caught that news as well. A bit spooky, Leibnitz's Monads, then this came in

A nicely presented piece...

All while trying to coax my own AEE (Artificial Emergent Entity to behave congenially.
It's too warm to think clearly lately.

That is currently my focus , namely managing folder and subfolder creation with compact names using ahk Script...

There seems to be  a lot of fire within the Complexity Smoke lately from odd locations.

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  Spontaneous system follows rules of equilibrium

> The research was spurred when Granick and Yan noticed something strange in the laboratory. As they watched a random mixture of soft-matter particles called Janus colloids, which Granick previously developed, they observed that the particles sometimes sorted themselves by type. Named after the Roman god with two faces, the micron-sized spheres have one hemisphere coated with a thin metal layer. They self-propel in the presence of an electric field, and when a rotating magnetic field is applied, they move in circles. In the presence of these fields, about 50 percent of the colloids orient their metal-coated hemisphere in the same direction. The remaining 50 percent face in the opposite direction.

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