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Thu Nov 2 13:33:57 EDT 2017

Right.  Of course.  But it's very telling that you put the word *purpose* last.  It is that purpose that sets the entire context, including the appropriateness of any definition in the lexicon used while engaged in the project.  You seem to have ignored my point about use cases and how they set the tolerances on discretization error.

On 11/02/2017 10:21 AM, Steven A Smith wrote:
> I am about to go to my boneyard and search for two specific concrete blocks which I remember to have put there when I took the large woodstove out of my sunroom, and trust they are still there (or wherever I actually put them) and that when I find them and brush off any accumulated detritus and load them on my garden cart, I can haul them back to my house where I will use them in the same mode as I did last year, only in a different location.  This all depends on a strong illusion of my "self", on the objectness of said blocks and woodstove and garden cart, and a continuity of "self" roughly ranging back to the time when I dismantled to the present as I plan and scheme to the future when, in fact, I am pretty confident I will find the woodstove perched on top of those very same blocks again.   Of course, I may change plans mid-course if I find another set of blocks with more appropriate or promising qualities for the purpose..

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