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Excellent!  Yes, complement is a much more appropriate relation between the ideas than compete, I think.  Thanks.

On 11/06/2017 11:08 AM, Robert Wall wrote:
> Actually, I think I said that Smolin's idea "competes" with Mareletto's.  That was sloppy; I meant that Smolin's theory can exist in the same space with Constructor Theory as an explanatory system, but one that operates on the macro scale (cosmological), especially with respect to initial conditions (constraints) to our universe. Constructor Theory proposes a physical universe at the microscale that could start here and unfold with new constraints "evolving" from earlier ones.  I see the heavier elements (e.g., carbon ... gold) being generated from later generation suns as a possible example of this. England seems to take this history into the abiogenesis by appealing to the idea of metabolic homeostasis with the production of dissipative systems being a likely outcome in this universe. Anyway, I should have used the term "complements" versus "competes." 

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