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Gillian Densmore gil.densmore at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 12:08:08 EST 2017

^ And The "tax cut" Raegonomics silly nonsense is as some gamers say "just
a fail idea". As you know that failed horribly for FDR (who genuinely
thought it'd work.) then failed for Nixon, Raegon, Both Bushes... GEE

It is probably litterally insanity. If Insanity is "Doing the same thing
over and over again expecting something else to happen".

In this case their is no surprise. It's a reaction out of feer. i Love love
love learning. That's no secret. I've been in and out of school most of my
life because love to learn about things. Well Fred on the Farm says: Oh no!
but but what about this here notion of mine? Them realy big words that you
learned like Ocean Cartogarphy (making pretty maps of parts of the ocean)
isn't that a cow duh zesea--and what about mah family." Well Fred is
partially right to be woried about things and the future of things. So he
lashes out. It doesn't make sense how Fred says does. He sees a problem.

Sadly using realy big words and complicated notions like some on this list
do only make matters worse. And Fred is still partially right in that
robots can now do dull boring reptive tasks as well and somtimes better
than I for one can.  One way to fix this genuinly free education, , and a
monthing alowence plus  basics for everyone. Guess what poor FDR tried that
as well and it was shot down out of legitimate..concerns of the era it'd be
taken to be 'dem their eval comu you nuts' rather than how it was intended:
A saftey net for everyone.

fast forward from 1935(or was the new deel actually closer to the 1920s?)
and...well feer. plain simple feer,  is saying to some dorks gee lets try
Reagenomics AGAIN even though it failed horibly for two bushes and bat
crazy man called Reagen.

Taxing Grads is not going to help anyone. It'll make the brain drain
None of that new Tax Plan actually does much postive. other than meet
congress litterall consititional mandidate of have any sort of budget plan
for 6 months.

But on a much cheerier note. Their are several bills that may pass  to help
with thess things K.Harris (calofirnia) for example has a bill on the floor
to give medicaid to all and has reely good support.

and on even happyier not yet.

Happy holidays to all! ^_^

On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 6:35 AM, Eric Smith <desmith at santafe.edu> wrote:

> This is straightforward, Owen,
> Just keep in mind that _everything_ is done with one motive: to get points
> with the Mob, so that they will keep you installed to give money to the
> oligarchs.  They have no other agenda, and don’t care about anything else.
> All the rest is just part of the public show, and just tools of the trade.
> The Mob has been given a talking-theme about hating higher education
> (which for many wasn’t a hard sell to begin with), so any kind of explicit
> attack on it, which would drive down numbers and impair or kill off
> schools, will gain points with them.  Some of it will work to drive out
> highly educated foreigners, which are another attack group.  This is just a
> replay of “Jewish science” in 1930s Germany; one need not even search for a
> new social model.
> It’s like the pesticide allowances.  If there were a chemical that made
> people stupid and aggressive, don’t you think there would be a
> republican-sponsored bill before both houses of congress to have it
> injected into every water supply in the country?  No more blue states to
> have to get around.  Demolition of primary education was a more
> labor-intensive route to that end, but we now have to live at least a
> generation with its effects.
> The issue is how we respond.  I have heard that when monkeys are being
> attacked and castrated by aggressors, they don’t scream or make other
> shows.  Screaming is for when a fight might still be avoided by a display.
> When the fight has been committed, your energy is more urgently needed for
> other things.
> I like the operation-oriented materials in Marsicano’s feed.  That is all
> public performance, too, and we know it, so you use it as part of the tool
> set.
> Eric
> > On Nov 19, 2017, at 7:01 AM, Owen Densmore <owen at backspaces.net> wrote:
> >
> > I was surprised to find out that the "tax cuts" actually impose
> increased taxes in important sectors. Grad students? Yup.
> >
> > Melanie Mitchell retweeted this:
> >   https://twitter.com/ChrisMarsicano/status/931953249091022848
> >
> > It's so weird. Traveling here in europe where schools are affordable, &
> health care too .. why are we trying to destroy such valuable resources?
> >
> >    -- Owen
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