[FRIAM] looking for a word

Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Fri Aug 17 16:37:25 EDT 2018

Glen -

I haven't converged on precisely what you are looking for here...   but
am fascinated with the question.

My best guess at the general area you are contemplating would involve
the graph theoretic idea of a "cluster" and/or imply something about
(dis)assortativity.    I think maybe what you are talking about are
(collections of) nodes with high local clustering coefficients and I
*think* with high assortativity.  If I understand your question, Marcus'
suggestions, and the finer points of these graph measures, a typical
"hub" in the normal sense would have high disassortativity, or in
laymans terms, nodes with high degree would connect more to nodes with
low degree, etc.  while what you are looking for might be nodes with
(relatively) high degree *and*  high assortativity, or nodes that
connect to nodes of similar degree...

I know this is far from providing "a word"...  but the resulting phrase
might be "an assortative cluster" or "a cluster with high assortativity"?

Can you say anything more about the underlying system being modeled? 
Are you trying to fit this to the known/observed structure or it's
function, or one implying the other?

- Steve

On 8/17/18 12:52 PM, uǝlƃ ☣ wrote:
> Excellent!  I suppose the things I'm talking about would exhibit something like a persistent homology.  Of course, I'm looking for a word to describe a subset of those (the particular way something like a capillary bed branches out from the large blood vessels).  So, it would have to be a type of persistent homology.
> But the concept of "a filtration" is also evocative, both in its math and biological/physical meanings.  Much of what the tissue samplers are doing is counting/indexing objects and branches in an attempt to identify weirdness.
> On 08/17/2018 11:28 AM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
>> Persistent homology?

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