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@Addons yep yep yep that is a known problem with chrome and now firefox. As
far as I know up to now firefox addons had to stay in their own bucket and
play nice with others. Now they still mostly do but that bucket simple is
more flexable. More like their followed around by friendly dudes giving
them a tour of a jungle or office. I simply don't know if that's a Extra
Hidden Feature (apple computer joke): Bug. Or feature

As to McAffee and webadvisor keep an eye that yes. But that can also be
misleading. It's given me warnings about my clubs website(Ok wait that's
legit. <joke> their a bunch of really  energetic and don't take crap off
people vets and now take less crap with wry sense of humor:
In other words a bunch of menches.

As to you're warning: THANKS!
I'll toss out the same warning for FireFox quantums yourube downloader, one
of the pop up blockers and ironicly add blocker.
I don't know if this has been fixed. or not
TLDR? I (infamously?) enjoy audiobooks, adventures, music and tutorials on
youtube. One of those was/is putting in fake addsense adds. I have no idea
if that was a bug, Oops from me even though I got those from the firefox
addon website. (both)
Sufficed to say proceed with caution they're adding weird crap to youtube.

@BetterWeby Web warnings?
Nick check if one called 'Web of Trust' (WOT or WOD few places) and ublock:
orgin are on firefox for you.
WOT can be great because users tell you if a website has addware it
downloads (Gamers got pissed at one of the warcraft tutorius websited doing
NewYork times for a bit did that till it offered a light version of news.
WOT's users tell you if that's a known thing, if the website is just
broken, Or the users were shady and why. It adds a cool little ring and
gage to your websites. that shades green, yellow, red and a mix of those

Unlike McAfee it does not saying OH CRAP YOU WENT TO TO ACMECO! DIE DIE DIE
DOOOM RED ALLET!!! Instantly rather says: YeLLOW ALERT SHIElDS UP. or OH
this place is fine and rocks and why.

Try that out see if you like it.

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:08 AM, Nick Thompson <nickthompson at earthlink.net>

> FWIW, an addon got added to my firefox somehow which called a website
> which Mcaffee web adviser intercepted as VERY dangerous.  The addon had the
> word  email in its name.  Sorry I don’t have more information.  Not sure
> how ANY of that happened.
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