[FRIAM] Fire Stick

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Thu Mar 1 13:03:57 EST 2018

So we just got an ad about an Amazon Fire TV Stick sale ($30) and decided
to get one to see how they work.

But why? My TiVo gives me access to all those provider apps (Netflix, Prime
Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC ...).

Well, basically because the providers basically suck.

The case in point for me is Netflix. I once looked at basically 6 of their
shows regularly. But then Netflix started to drop them. Yes, yes I'm sure
there are good reasons, mainly licensing. But now I only use it for one
show that they still have because they produce it. Longmire.

Because I have a TiVo, I can generally record things easily, but I often
get interested in shows after they've been around for a while. I just fit
into a Category that may be too small.

So we started just subscribing to series on Amazon. Several are free due to
being on "Prime Video".  Amazon does not suck. It really wants to sell me
stuff and does not cancel shows/movies.

All this is to say that I think Amazon, once again, is like the Turtle:
slow but steady and will win the race.

   -- Owen
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