[FRIAM] Peirce's "What Pragmatism is."

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Dear Potential Collaborators, 


I forgot to attach the annotated text.  


The advantage of this version is that I have highlighted a few of the
crucial passages so that you can read it on the cheap.  




Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

Clark University



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Subject: RE: Peirce's "What Pragmatism is." 


Dear Friammers, and a few others, 


OK, so.  If we were going to have a discussion group on Peirce over the
summer, we would, from time to time, read a text together and spend some
time trying to come to some common view about what the text actually says
AND then take some time to relate the text to other texts and give our
opinions of it.   An example of such a text was provided  in an earlier
message.  Quoting: 


So, I am going to start a discussion here and see what I can do to render it
into a coherent text.  To help me in this project, I am going to ask those
of you who participate to observe a few conventions. 


(1)     Please faithfully retain the subject line.  Please! No matter what.
Bend the thread how you like but do not change the subject line. 

(2)      Please, when you reply, erase any included prior text from your

(3)     If you want to quote any prior text, please actually copy the text
you are quoting into your own message.  Use any means necessary to make it
stand out, but I would recommend bolding and indenting.

(4)     Please end EVERY message with the ending ###.  Put it before any
"marketing" that automatically appears at the end of your email messages. 


I will start the discussion by posting the link to Peirce's What Pragmatism
Is <http://www.iupui.edu/~arisbe/menu/library/bycsp/whatis/whatpragis.htm> .


Please find attached my attempt to provide a little guidance in the reading
of that text. My comments aren't anything special, but if you want to get a
brief sense of what Pragmatism is you might look at the highlighted
passages.  .  


I am hoping that enough of you respond to give me some text to work with in
my project to develop a procedure for turning email correspondence into an
intelligible text. 


All the best, 






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