[FRIAM] Peirce's "What Pragmatism is."

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Raibert, Marc H. and Francis C. Wimberly.
      Tabular Control of Balance in a Dynamic Legged System.
      IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics 14, 1984.

Note the date.
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On Fri, Mar 30, 2018, 1:23 PM uǝlƃ ☣ <gepropella at gmail.com> wrote:

> I disagree, again.  As I tried to point out with both saccade and the
> inverted pendulum, the person who interacts with the ground thousands of
> times a day does so in a very tight feedback loop, sensing, acting,
> sensing, acting, etc.  You are free to abstract all the detail and
> idealistically think something like "walking" demonstrates "full belief".
> But I claim that's so idealistic as to be useless.
> Our robotics experts are approaching bipedal locomotion quite nicely.  And
> it might provide a nice vehicle for arguing about this.  We could ask
> whether successful bipedal robots have mostly general purpose computers
> (UTMs) or mostly low-level embedded systems logic generating their walking
> behavior.  I'd argue that the extent to which it's the former, indicates
> more coherence and the extent to which it's the latter indicates coupling.
> But regardless of how those answers fall out, the robots interaction with
> the ground is not "full belief".  It's a mixed bag of sense, act, sense,
> act, ...
> On 03/29/2018 04:34 PM, Eric Charles wrote:
> > The man who doubts the ground exists might look and poke, then decide
> never to get out of bed. In contrast, the man who fully believes in the
> ground will interact with it thousands of times a day. That those thousands
> of interactions occur "without a thought" is testament to the coherence of
> the system.
> >
> > (Though nothing is completely "coherent" in Peirce's world, because he
> understands probability and statistics perfectly well. Sometimes people
> with the strongest ground-coherence still slip and fall, or stick their
> feet in a whole.)
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