[FRIAM] Archiving Friam conversations as editable text.

Nick Thompson nickthompson at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 30 22:32:17 EDT 2018

Dear Friammers, 


So, I am now safely installed in the MIB, and now I am trying to fulfill my
promise to try to turn your excellent work concerning "What Pragmatism Is"
into an editable text.  I realize this is a project that only a mother could
love, but humor me a little bit.  


So, the first method I tried, via Outlook, failed.  Outlook apparently keeps
its email messages disaggregated in something like a vast CSV file.  When
you ask for a single message, it re-aggregates the fields of the message and
presents it to you.  If you try to export a bunch of messages, it exports
them as a CSV file or as a bunch of icons.  There is no way that I can see
to open all the messages  of a thread into a single Word File for editing.
There is no way to write macros for Outlook.  So, that's the end of the
Outlook line, for me, I think.  


My next thought was to work with the FRIAM archive.  I thought perhaps I
could import an entire thread from the  archive, and since, as I remember,
the archive is organized chronologically, I might have my rough editable
file that way.  I could then write a macro to delete unnecessary repetitive
stuff, and would be done.


However, I could not, following instructions on the FRIAM page, get into the
FRIAM archive at all.  If anybody has used it recently, could you get in




Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

Clark University



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