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“As a measure of the magnitude of impact of MOOCs so far, one of our MOOC specializations in the Python programming language is among the most popular offerings on Coursera — I believe that it has reached more than a million learners at this point. A significant fraction of those learners have opted to sit for an exam to get a certificate in Python programming.”

<Huff>  A person that seeks a Coursera class to learn Python is not destined for a career in software development.

“Also, we introduced an Applied Data Science specialization about a year ago. That one, though not receiving enrollments at quite the same level as the Python specialization, is generating tens of thousands of learners per quarter.”

Thousands of learners or thousands of people who create a filtering problem for recruiting departments?


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Perhaps of interest....

Transforming the Postsecondary Professional Education Experience
A Q&A with Thomas A. Finholt

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