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Perhaps to my shame, I did not know David Pines.  Please, tom, could you say a few words to let me know why I should have?  


Thank you, 




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  <https://www.cloudhq.io/mail_track/mail/3fbcf38c97acf1510e05549b54d3d06a?uid=226430> Perhaps some of the FRIAM gang knew David.  A wonderful friend, and we are sorry for his loss.  And yes, "Think like scientists!"

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Dear Friends-

       We are writing to tell you that David Pines died late yesterday afternoon in his new home in Urbana with Jonathan by his side and after Catherine just spent several days with him. He was comfortable, peaceful, and a pleasure to care for. He fought his illness with the determination and strength that defined him, but just over a month before his 94th birthday he finally relaxed. As you well know, David lived a wonderful life and had a great passion for work, friends, and family.  David nurtured so many rich personal and professional relationships and he thought, collaborated, taught, travelled, learned, dined, drank, and loved art and music with great pleasure. We look forward to celebrating David’s happy life and will let you know as our planning “emerges."  In the meantime, David would like everyone to continue to think like scientists!



Catherine and Jonathan 


PS- Please feel free to share this news with others. 



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