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Hi, all, 


Once you become aware of abduction as a mental operation, you start to see
it everywhere.  I saw it in Malcom Gladwell's three part series (
68?i=1000445850049)on Jesuitical casuistry.  I always thought of casuistry
as a form of sophistry or hypocrisy, but apparently it began is as method
for incorporating the new experiences that global travel brought to the 16th
Century Catholic World.  As an inquiry into the identity of a particular
case, it looks a lot like abduction to me.  Because many of you live in NM,
you may take particular interest in the third episode, which presents an
analysis of the Angelo Navarro shooting by Albuquerque police. Was it case
of a violent man charging the police with a weapon?  Or was it the case of a
racially motivated firing squad of unarmed men by heavily armed police?  Or,
..? You would get a lot of benefit from just listening to this one episode,
but to fully understand its philosophical impact, you need the other two to
set the context. 


Enjoy.  Or not. 




P. S., Does anybody know anything about the relation between Peirce and the


Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

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