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Perhaps of interest, especially the first link to  Applied Category Theory
conference.  You will recognize some of the participants.

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Hi all,

One of the key features of OpenRefine is its ability to extract
sequences of operations from a project and replay them on another. But
this functionality is far from perfect: working with the JSON
representation of operations can be cumbersome. It is hard to tell what
a workflow does. Tweaking a workflow can break it easily, and it is not
that easy to share it with others.

One project I have been working on is trying to devise a graphical
representation of OpenRefine workflows, so that users could inspect them
and manipulate them graphically.

I am presenting this project on Friday at the Applied Category Theory
Category theory is a mathematical theory which can be used among others
to design graphical representations for mathematical objects.

The (academic) paper can be read here:
It is primarily written for computer scientists and mathematicians, not
the OpenRefine community. I am hoping to write something more
explanatory for the OR community, giving examples of representations of
workflows, and discussing the possible implementations of these ideas.

Any feedback would be very welcome!


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