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Well, sure. But you seem to be relying on some sort of ontological primacy for the person/animal/organism. Processes like defamation or corruption (or their opposites) are only different from processes like tissue remodeling or healing in *scale* or degree, not type/kind. Both involve large collections of individuals to participate in a stable or dynamically evolving soup. Saying defamation or corruption could change the course of a life equivocates on "whose life?" E.g. the life of a skin cell is no different (in kind) from the life of the organism of whose skin it's a part. (Panpsychism anyone?)

This paper was interesting: 
Self-Evaluative and Other-Directed Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Gossip About the Self

I'd be hard-pressed to make a serious disjoint separation between inter-cellular signaling and the type of signaling described above ... flippant distinctions, sure, but not serious ones.

On 7/19/19 8:29 AM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> Yes being physically injured is different from other kinds of harm.   One can recover from some kinds of physical injury, but defamation or other workplace corruption could change the course of a life.

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