[FRIAM] Win/Mac lookalikes for charity

uǝlƃ ☣ gepropella at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 14:40:04 EDT 2019

I've been middle-manning the acquisition of a lot of Linux Mint machines, lately, for grad students who mostly use Windows or Mac.  When I used to send them Debian-only machines, I'd get a lot of questions about mundane stuff like wifi or whatever. Now that I'm sending Mint machines, we jump straight to questions of how to install R or the latest Java.

So, I'd say Mint is a decent option.

On 7/19/19 11:31 AM, Ron Newman wrote:
> I think I know the answer already, but I'll ask anyway.  The local Computer
> Charity, which restores up computers and sells them cheap for those who
> can't afford them otherwise, is looking for a Linux desktop that looks
> enough like the Windows or Mac GUI that less tech savvy buyers will see
> something that looks and operates in a familiar way.  This will allow them
> to use a ton of Macs that are otherwise junk.  Of course, the usual Gnome
> or KDE Linux desktops won't work.  Probably impossible to copy closely Win
> or Mac due to patent issues, but thought I'd ask just in case.

☣ uǝlƃ

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