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Reposting Nick's original email with a web link to the paper instead of an
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Dear Friamers,

My wife, who haunts the dusty back stacks of local libraries and brings me
treasures, brought me a copy of the attached book, which I later located on
line.  It takes me from Gallileo to Quanta.  It is calmly and simply
written.  For anybody who thinks that relativity gives warrant for
relativism, it will be, I think, an education.   The second author is a
Polish physicist who collaborated with Einstein for a couple of years at
Princeton before going on to the University of Toronto.  How two writers
for whom English was not a first language, write so intimately and lucidly
on such complex matters is a wonder to me. I am also startled by how
closely the philosophy of science – it’s “idealist realism” – parallel’s

Great summer read!

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