[FRIAM] A million year old driving assistant

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Sun Apr 24 17:59:28 EDT 2022

On 4/24/22 12:31 PM, Jochen Fromm wrote:
> I am reading at the moment the German translation of "The Museum of 
> Abandoned Secrets" from the Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko. It is a 
> long novel about the history of Ukraine. She writes sentences as long 
> as pages where one metaphor follows the next like pearls on a necklace 
> of beads.
> One of these metaphors made me think if we can describe emotions as a 
> "driving assistant" for the vehicles created by our selfish genes. A 
> driving assistant shaped by million years of evolution which wakes up 
> in the right moments and guides us in the right direction (whenever it 
> is supper- or pairing time). If we select the right direction, then it 
> rewards us by a boost of energy or fuel.
> Does it make sense to extend Dawkins' metaphor like this? Our BMW 330E 
> has for example a system that warns the driver if he comes to close to 
> the edge of the lane. Then the wheel starts to vibrate.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_driver-assistance_systems

Jochen -

Thanks for the reference, Zabuzhko looks like a fascinating 
novelist/philosopher... I tiny good thing that comes from the Russian 
Invasion is a newfound awareness of all things Ukrainian

It is obvious but fascinating for a virtual "driver assistant" to 
emulate the "rumble strip" which emulates the "rough edge of the 
highway" itself...

In our own back yard, an FM encoding of our national anthem:


A recent poem I wrote on the topic of "rumble strips"

<h2>Ode to the Rumble Strip</h2>

<blockquote>Before seat belts and car seats, <br />
we slept curled on a back seat <br />
driving late into the night to get home<br />
when the whine and hum <br />
goes to sizzle, then a low rumble<br />
not the flap flap flap of a flat<br />
you know dad let the car tire touch<br />
loose gravel, random edges of asphalt<br />
correction!  Back to center... ahhhh...<br />
The inventor of the rumble strip<br />
must have done time in the same back seat<br />
I've driven across NM/OK/KS with my eyes closed<br />
feeling my way along<br />
by rumble strip alone.<br />
how many lives saved<br />
or lost<br />
to the humble rumble<br />
    ...strip?<br />
> -J.
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