[FRIAM] technical notes on fusion announcement

Marcus Daniels marcus at snoutfarm.com
Tue Dec 13 12:02:42 EST 2022

In case no one wanted to get up at 7:00am to watch DOE administrators talk:

1. Controlling the laser in space and time was important for maintaining symmetry.  Timing precision of 25e-12 secs and laser spatial precision of 5e-12 meter were needed.  This was thought to be the main explanation for the achievement.

2. 8% more power on the laser this time

3. x-ray tomography is used to find flaws in the capsules.  Developing software to do the counting.

4. They have ongoing efforts to study the fabrication systems and their components (done in Germany) to find idiosyncrasies of each.

5. Laser technology improvements since NIF was built which are 20% more efficient.

6. Target cost is from labor, and it takes 7 months each

7. 4% of DT is burned in a shot

8. Machine learning ties together radiation hydrodynamics and experimental data.   (It sounded preliminary.)

9. The (successful) capsule had more defects than previous experiments.   However, previous experiments did show benefits from capsule quality.

10. 15% of experiments are indirect drive of this kind, 15% of experiments are other approaches to ignition.  The rest are weapons and materials characterization.

11. Anomalous laser directional control were problems in the summer runs.   Fixed that.
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