[FRIAM] For Steve Smith eta all re gadgets reviewing

Gillian Densmore gil.densmore at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:12:02 EST 2022

First up is samsungs note 10. In a nutshell fun af, and complete, It's old
phone that feals modern af. love the option to use a stylus for notes. It's
a chonker of a phone. This one was refurbed*. It came from amazon and it's
good as new. fantastic reception. and yeah just a cool phone. android

A external keyboard: (don't have a link atm): Omg what a difference for
quick texts when going to googles messages from the web is overkill. The
one I have Is more meant for inplace typing. and meant to be used with a
case and I think on a desktop or something. Sigh RIPish phones with

Elecom Deft:
(arg gmails weird way to format!!): at any rate: in short? love it. It's
trackball. I had one  like it for a few years before it broke.  I got it on
impulse because I got frustrated with the small mousing area of my desk. It
pleasantly surprised me how fast I adjusted. This one is wireless which is
fantastic when you have a small space. I have no clue about the mechanical
side. Just after a week and change of use it's  my favorite mouse so far.
I've tried one with a bajillion dpi and polling rates and blah blah. but
this relatively simple guy is just...fun? to use. I haven't tried it with
games yet. if it's like the other trackball I suspect i'll be good. Has
function buttons, I think those are for macros. All in all just  great.
uses 2.4 ghtz usb dongle to connect and a AA battery.
*I've gotten to prefer used gizmos because of being very concerned about
the environment.
Back to our regularly scheduled geek out about Ai.
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