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I don't know how I got on Academia.edu's list but they have seduced me 
well to the point that I have found myself answering their questions 
about all kinds of things I would normally ignore (or figure out how to 

Their regular list of "recommended reading" has been so spot-on for me 
that I always read the abstract and often read whole papers I had no 
idea existed by authors I knew nothing of before.

I have several times made the effort to go through a few dozen papers 
offered as having been authored by me and marked them "not me!" (what 
with a name like mine?) Their false-positives are quite high and I've 
not bothered to see if they credit *all* my publications (not that 
numerous anyway)...  but I find it cathartic to read through titles of 
papers that my dopplenyms might have written and consider who I might be 
if I'd followed one of their dozen(s) of alternate tracks!

I have stopped short of actually giving them money  ($150/year) and I'm 
offended by their *pitch*:

      * /Don't miss a single Mention/
      * /Track your growing reputation See what academics are saying
        about you/

I don't really care what others are saying about me (or more to the 
point, it is none of my business) and I can use Google Scholar to search 
for citations easily enough if/when I might care...

but as I said, their reading-recommendation false-positives are near zero!

anyone know anything more about them?  Have your own experiences?



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