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Oh, you are making a tour through Europe? Nice. Do you plan to visit Berlin or Germany too?-J. 
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    I saw but didn't follow the link from a thumbnail referencing
      Musk's father giving (White) So. African ideals credit for his
      son's success, etc.   I'm not as harsh on Musk as you are, but I
      get your gist on this and don't disagree in general. 
    It is a sensitive enough topic perhaps but I would like it if
      anyone with more So.African experience (e.g. Pieter?) could weigh
      in on the perspective of what *I* identify as
      manic-hypercapitalistic/patriarchal/colonization syndrome shared
      by the US and several other breakaway Euro-colonies (South Africa,
      Australia in particular).   I use those perjorative terms with
      some fondness as that is what I was born and raised amongst.  That
      was my petri-dish.  In some ways, my version (working cowboys,
      timbermen, truckers and roughneck oil riggers) is possibly more
      high-test than some here.   Moving on to a scientific/technical
      study/profession in *it's* heyday possibly only aggravated the
      worst of that, many tech entrepreneurs (or guns-for-hire) are
      pretty much the same thing but take their showers at the start of
      the day instead of the end.   I have been rewarded well for being
      a (surely weak and flawed by the standards of this group)
      right-brained, ambitious, linear logical-positivist. 
    I am currently meandering through Northern France into Belgium,
      experiencing things like +/-1c Roman Ruins next to 10c cathedrals
      and castles and villages that were the site of WWI and WWII
      occupation first by the Germans and then by their "liberators".  
      The countryside, and people and commerce in these remote villages
      feels like it could be set in any century since the enlightenment
      (if you ignore the very occasional automobile or the giant
      windmills on the horizon).   The number of jet contrails is
      amazingly low compared to *any* part of the US.   Things seem so
      much more decentralized and human-scale slow, etc.   That doesn't
      include the manic day we careened into Paris, parked *under* the
      Louvre, did a "been there-done-that tour" then drove out during
      rush hour (bad planning) including a (n accidental)
      circumambulation of the Arc du Triomphe on the way out.  The level
      of manic in Paris rivaled the best I've felt in Rome, San
      Francisco or even NYC (especially in the Arc du Roundy-round as
      the Wisconsonites wouild call it?).
    I haven't seen a single American with a MAGA hat as I did in 2018
      on my way to Stockholm (several overpolite, overbearing men). 
      Greta was in the news and I even hand-carried an effigy from a
      Lakota friend to deliver to her family (friends of our hosts
      there) and had a vision of making up MAGA hats which replace GREAT
      with GRETA (by simply inverting the AT, ( Glen could conjure the
      Unicode for that methinks) and deftly swap those in for people I
      meet with their MAGA on.
        Fridays are for 'F you boomer!'
      At the Musee du Matisse the Anglais
        speaking docent was quick to recognize our 'murrican accents
        (and dress, grooming and silhouette?) and was proud to tell us
        that they had "Just had two Texans in here last week".  That
        could mean *anything* but I wanted to say "I'm sorry" but that
        would have been too subtle for our language/culture differences,
        and in fact i know *plenty* of good Texans.   But then there is
        the saying in Santa Fe "Texans go home, leave your wallets"
        which I could almost imagine Euros mumbling about 'murricans as
        we leave each place.
      - Ramble
    On 6/3/22 2:40 PM, glen wrote:
    Yeah, it
      seems ironic for Tony Stark to cling to the obsolete. But Tony
      Stark isn't real. It's not the slightest bit ironic for a
      conservative like Musk to cling to the past. New Teslas should
      come pre-branded with a MAGA rectangle on the bumber.
      On 6/2/22 18:07, Marcus Daniels wrote:

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