[FRIAM] Cultural Evolution Redux

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Tue Jun 14 06:20:07 EDT 2022

Jochen -

I feel like an angel (or devil) dancing on the head of the FriAM pin!

I wasn't able to get traction on the first post due to a blind spot I 
think I have about the details of the history of Christianity.  More and 
more of it gets *through* to me each time I read it, but because I have 
*broad* knowledge (with no depth anywhere) I was left with questions 
like "what about the Coptics?"  and an anecdote:

A few years ago, driving across Aamon Bundy country in W. Washington A 
4door dually diesel blew past me (70mph) at 90mph "rolling coal" and 
sporting a bumper sticker that said "if it ain't King James, it ain't 
Bible!".   I have no idea what that was all about (any of it really, but 
the bumper sticker in particular).  My best guess was that it was a 
dismissal of Catholicism in particular?   Or maybe the LDS church or 
maybe Protestant sects that were not close to his?  Doesn't LDS defer to 
King James and just layer on their own Latter Day stuff over it?

I will dig deeper into the second post as I have developed a fondness 
for Oracles (primarily the I Ching) over the decades as a method for 

I don't think I know of your published book?   Got lost in my COVID spam?

- Steve

On 6/11/22 10:36 PM, Jochen Fromm wrote:
> Today was a productive day: 2 new blog posts, the first about 
> epigenetic changes in cultural evolution and the difference of 
> Protestant and Catholic church..
> https://blog.cas-group.net/2022/06/epigenetic-cultural-changes/
> ..the second about the secret of oracles and their religious dimension
> https://blog.cas-group.net/2022/06/the-secret-of-oracles/
> Both are related to my book from 2020, which nobody except Dave has 
> read. The printed version sold exactly once and that was a friend here 
> in Berlin :-)
> Thanks Steve for the comment on this post too!
> https://blog.cas-group.net/2022/06/the-strange-phenomenon-of-consciousness/
> -J.
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