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Fri Jun 24 13:16:49 EDT 2022


Even before the NY CC Gun decision and now Roe v Wade, I have had more 
than a few people asking me similar questions.

I don't have an easy answer.

Well, the answer to whether *any* northern European wants to enfold us 
as refugees is probably "not even"... yet I know plenty who have 
expatriated themselves to such places without becoming permanent 
residents (much less citizens).  Maybe buying a villa (or whole village) 
in an (otherwise abandoned) village for EU$1 (anecdotally something like 
that happens in Italy and maybe Greece and Portugal?) will be enough of 
a stake to be permanent resident?

BTW I find the Scandinavian (at least Norway, Denmark, Sweden) more 
appealing due to the relatively lower population density and high 
natural resource context, but only if I am being a selfish-greedy fellow 
who wants to avoid my own discomfort more than I want to make the world 
a better place.

A new friend/colleague I met here is 75 and was raised in NYC but left 
the US as conscription raised it's head in the 60s.   He came to NL and 
eventually naturalized, but has lived in Ireland and Iran for 
significant amounts of time.

I'm still interested, myself, in what the implications are of mass 
defection from the US (or just red-states) by Progressives? I believe 
many expats around the world maintain (thinly justified) voting 
registration in the US, but that seems a bit questionable in several 
ways?    I'm also interested in the opposite flow... what if enough Blue 
folks purple up some Red states to shift the Senate to something more 

This is fairly abstract even to me as I have plenty of red-tinged 
neighbors and family that I can't even begin to shift purple even if I 
talk myself blue (or purple) in the face with them.   Most are probably 
dancing in glee around the Abortion and the Gun debates.   Actually, my 
sister and her husband are not pro-gun at all and probably as pro-choice 
as they are pro-life, yet somehow they voted for Trump *at least* 
once!   They were also pro-mask/vaxx...   hmmm?   I think they just like 
hypercapitalistic extractive industries and "owning Libs"...

- Steve

On 6/23/22 8:37 PM, Tom Johnson wrote:
> Steve:
> Given today's reports of the SCOTUS decision on guns, do you think the 
> Dutch would accept two refugees from the U.S.?
> TJ in Malta
> ==

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