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Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Sat Apr 1 16:01:59 EDT 2023

> Stephen,
> Very smart to put my question re: CEOs vs AI to ChatGPT. My question 
> regarded “medium and long-term” capabilities. Your query to the bot 
> was for the present time. And yet, nevertheless, I interpret the bot’s 
> response to you to be, essentially, that there are certain CEO 
> positions that AI capability can fill right now - with some 
> qualifications. I’d say that’s a bit disrupting.

And we could hope that CEOs everywhere are in fact already asking 
ChatGPT, et alia to "help" them with some of the problems they maybe 
believe that they might/could/should be able to help with? I'm guessing 
*some* CEOs have amazing admins or executive teams at their elbow 
already doing this, and some of them will consult the AI-Oracle and 
thereby become *better* at their jobs quickly?

Since some of us here (not me) make their living coding daily, I can 
imagine that your code is already being improved.  A close colleague of 
mine who does in fact code daily but is also something of a skeptic of 
the *hype* around AI gave over two weeks ago and began experimenting.  
He claims that it doesn't really help him *write* code but it does help 
him verify it in ways that a "first reader" might, but that a compiler 
wouldn't (raising the level of analysis form syntactic to semantic?).

Glen already exposed us to a text summarizer and I find this to be a 
good use of ChatGPT for myself...   perhaps I should run all my FriAM 
posts through it and see if it can succinctify me?  As thus?!:

    /The exchange discusses the potential of AI to fill CEO positions
    presently and in the future, with certain qualifications. It
    suggests that CEOs may already be using AI to improve their job
    performance. The conversation also touches on how AI can improve
    coding by verifying it in ways a compiler cannot. Finally, the
    exchange mentions using ChatGPT as a text summarizer to make posts
    more concise./

> On Sat, Apr 1, 2023 at 12:57 PM Stephen Guerin 
> <stephen.guerin at simtable.com> wrote:
>     On Sat, Apr 1, 2023, 8:29 AM Roger Critchlow <rec at elf.org> wrote:
>         I tried to get Bard to talk with me about the adjacent
>         possible (AP) the other day.  It agreed that the AP could not
>         be represented as a mathematical set, but it continued to talk
>         about the AP as if it were a set.  So it suggested formulating
>         the AP as a graph, or a tree, or as the states of a dynamical
>         system.  I pushed for a non-set formalism and it gave me fuzzy
>         sets.  I guess I have to try harder.
>     Roger, Cool. Can you say more about a different formalization
>     you're after?
>     Stu's Theory Of The Adjacent Possible is currently formalized with
>     an exponentially increasing set
>     https://arxiv.org/abs/2204.14115#
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