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Nicholas Thompson thompnickson2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 22:49:58 EDT 2023

gill,  thanks for the warning.  Be assured that I don't any more.  Just
press the big red button.  NIck

On Tue, Apr 18, 2023 at 12:47 PM Nicholas Thompson <thompnickson2 at gmail.com>

> Phellow Phriammers,
> After having my phone completely tied up by robocalls during some medical
> troubles, I put out cold hard cash for the CPR Call Blocker recommended by
> my carrier.  I have now blocked 70 numbers, and new ones come in daily,
> although  the rate has substantially decreased.  I have to say, pressing
> that big red block button is very satisfying.  It also has a mass-blocking
> function for voip-rogue calls, name withheld calls, private caller
> calls,and any area code you take a dislike to.
>  Still I have questions.
> 1.  Has anybody else tried this device?
> 2.  Do you fully understand the navigation functions
> 3.  Is it working for you?
> 4.   Do you have any wisdom to share?
> I  chatted up one of the callers.  I suggested that at a time of full
> employment, perhaps a bright guy like him might get a better job.  He
> replied that he was being paid quite well for his efforts!  Apparently the
> number of any fool who answers their phone is worth $7.
> Nick
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