[FRIAM] overshoot day

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Wed Aug 2 17:24:43 EDT 2023

On 8/2/23 2:55 PM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> I just noticed it was overshoot day, and just after the hottest July 
> ever recorded.    Yay!

I'll be mixing up a nice ice-cold (luke warm?) cocktail of shame with 
just a splash of Cassandrafruede (reminiscent of Absinthe?) at sundown 
today (spectacular when orange-tinted from the wildfire smoke and dust 
blown from drought-denuded areas)... While I pop the ice-cubes from the 
tray I'll remember the recent factoid from someone (McKibben?) that the 
annual carbon budget of most people in the third world is roughly that 
of an American's refrigerator with an Ice-Maker or a Brit's electric 
Kettle for twice-daily tea.  If I had AC I'd turn it down to it's 
coldest setting to spite my neighbor by belching superheated air into 
their AC air handler intakes... but alas I only have adobe walls and 
brick floors and lots of windows to absorb night-time coolth...   no fun 
in that!  <ahhh... the lingering aftertaste of Cassandrafruede!>

The wycked hot here in NM finally broke somewhat for us yesterday with 
an hour of rain like the "good ole days" when every afternoon had a 
rainstorm starting in July to cool off the second half of the summer.   
The crew down in the Bosque building a pumping station to move the water 
pumped from the Colorado Basin to the Rio Grande (San Juan to Chama) is 
busy belching diesel exhaust plumes and  throwing adobe-bricklets from 
their tires when they pull out on the highway to become ad-hoc speed 
control bumps for the Los Alamos commuters usually roar by at 80 in the 
55mph "safety zone" morning and night.

All the world is a circle?  Or is it a donut?  I think maybe I'm 
channeling Terry Pratchett?


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