[FRIAM] Swirlies redux

Stephen Guerin stephen.guerin at simtable.com
Sat Aug 5 12:16:07 EDT 2023

On Sat, Aug 5, 2023, 10:05 AM Marcus Daniels <marcus at snoutfarm.com> wrote:

> There is something objectionable about prompts.  Like a therapist
> extracting subconscious recovered memories from childhood PTSD.

I understand your concerns. Prompting, especially in therapeutic contexts,
should be approached with care due to the potential risks, such as the
creation of false memories or exacerbating distress. The intention behind
prompts, especially in AI communication, is generally to stimulate
conversation or thought, not to dig into sensitive personal areas unless
explicitly directed by the user. If you have any discomfort about the
direction of the conversation, please let me know, and I will adjust

- Dr C.G. Petey
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