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In order to go to Infiniiiiting and beyond. Have Rex and woody get the
zargle type one flux repair module for a type 3 warp cleared space craft.
Then the evil forces of Lord Zedd and Emperror Zurg  can be thwarted.
I'll be around all week.

On Fri, Dec 1, 2023 at 5:18 PM Steve Smith <sasmyth at swcp.com> wrote:

> Nick -
> i used to faint-dead when people used "inform" to mean "shape" as in,"My
> thinking  was informed by Glen's concept, Steelmanning," but I am trying to
> get over that.  Turns out it's a perfectly valid meaning of the verb, and I
> don't have a leg to stand on.   I still hate it, but I hate it quietly. I
> don't object when people say it.  I just think about ways to kill them
> later.
> <grin> I will try to let that inform my articulations and constructions
> herein, henceforth </grin>
> FWIW I did punch this meta-answer through GPT-4 to get feedback on its
> grammaricity (my neologism for grammatically correct) and it gave me basic
> permission to use it but with myriad warnings about possible misconstruals.
> And for recursive fascination, GPT-4 offered the following rewrite of the
> above:
> "For what it's worth, I submitted this meta-answer to GPT-4 for feedback
> on its grammaticality, and it provided suggestions, cautioning me about
> possible misunderstandings."
> I could probably benefit from a GPT-4 based agent-filter to my FriAM posts
> (or all my writing)... but doing so seems to risk getting closer to the
> fall-line of one slippery slope or another, whether inviting AI to become
> my overlord or risking becoming post/transhuman. I'll save the tangential
> riff this is triggering for a followup post (which I may or may not
> actually release into the FriAMstreamOconsciousness)...
> - Steve
> *"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not
> sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant"*
> vs GPT's attempt to deconvolute this affected (attributed to John
> McCloskey) convolution:
> *"You might have misunderstood my intended meaning, despite believing you
> understood what I said."*
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