[FRIAM] The last Lighthouse Keeper in America

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I agree. Ever since this: https://bookshop.org/p/books/from-transgender-to-transhuman-a-manifesto-on-the-freedom-of-form-martine-rothblatt/8478365?ean=9780615489421 I've been swayed that the reactionary stance of the JK Rowlings of the world look similar to that of the Trumpists (or Tea Party people). But the R in TERF is supposed to stand for "radical", right? People like Rowling don't seem that radical to me. So, I'd prefer if we use the R in TERF to stand for reactionary. (Now the NeoRx crowd like Yarvin and whatnot. They do seem radical, even though reactionary is in their name ... radical reactionary, maybe?)

On a similar note, I notice both very "left" seeming people and very "right" seeming people are into tattoos. The number of tattoos these days is enough that they would have been called "radical" body modifiers in the past. But now, to be radical, you have to do even more than piercing ... like you have to install metal pieces under the skin, or engage in decorative scarring to be thought of as radical ... maybe CRISPR your genome or eat nothing but Soylent. IDK. I can't imagine any kind of radical anyone who wasn't pro-trans.

But, again, it's a field, not a particle zoo.

On 12/28/23 08:37, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> It seems one informative interstitial space is populated by the TERFs.
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> I thought about ... no, actually I crafted an entire post but deleted it ... posting this in response to Roger's "good old sci fi" (GOSF) arc. It's a fantastic TESCREAL narrative arc, reactive to such GOSF. And as allergic to narrative as I am, I still think it's a good story:
> https://emilygorcenski.com/post/making-god/
> Plus, they use one of my favorite words: apotheosis. I get a distinct scent of the feminist critique of artificial life [⛧] in there, somewhere ... a kind of cynical us versus them vibe. But it's a vibe with which I often resonate. Like Diogenes, I believe truth is found in the gritty interstitial, not the lofty isolate.
> [⛧] Aggressively expressed as: artificial life is the (white|privileged) man's attempt to appropriate women's ability to rear children ... given that this list is prolly mostly (white|privileged) men, I can't help but wonder if any reaction to that concept is, would be, can be, authentic, including my own. But it's a bit sexist. Many women are fantastic analysts and can cut it up and isolate as well or better than any man. So the argument against TESCREAL isn't actually sexist. It just so happens to be that those of us who inhabit gritty, interstitial spaces recognize the phenomena better than those of us well ensconced in our silos.
> On 12/27/23 15:28, Steve Smith wrote:
>> When we invented gods in our own image we did a bad job, I'm not sure we are doing any better with the AI?  Please gods, not in Elon's image!  But hope springs infernal.

ꙮ Mɥǝu ǝlǝdɥɐuʇs ɟᴉƃɥʇ' ʇɥǝ ƃɹɐss snɟɟǝɹs˙ ꙮ

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