[FRIAM] Off topic home repair Q

Gillian Densmore gil.densmore at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 14:53:58 EST 2023

I think my google-fu skills are failing. I'm looking for track lighting
fixtures for bulbs propper. Ie not the track. just what makes light.  Alas
between home depot, amazon, and lows I can't find many that take
lightbulbs. much less for my type of track.
Anyone have experience with this?
I'm looking for ones that'd fit a cam that uses 3 prints in kind of a
sideways field-goal for football shape.
I ask because out of the blue 4 of 6 bulbs on monday went out all at once.
Amazon has a lot that combine light+thing to hold it in place as compared
to fixture and lightbulb being separate.
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