[FRIAM] precision biology

Roger Critchlow rec at elf.org
Fri Jan 6 09:41:37 EST 2023


Take your pluripotent human stem cell line, make 25 cell lines with
different molecules tagged for fluorescent microscope imaging, run an
automated pipeline to grow and gather images, align according to the apical
basal axis, express the remainder of the spatial variation of the tagged
features in a spherical harmonic basis.  Principal component analysis gets
70% of the variance in the first 8 components.

So starting with identical cells and growing in as identical conditions as
a microsoft  fortune could buy, we get to populations of cells where at
least 30% of the variation is uncorrelated noise?

I'm not sure whether I'm more impressed that the cells imposed that much
order or more disappointed that the experimenters couldn't squeeze the
population into a tighter cluster.

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