[FRIAM] Sorting Algorithm? AI? Identifying "types" within data

glen gepropella at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 09:51:05 EST 2023

Well, it *is* a "thing". We're doing something very similar on our project, classifying patient types. It's just that there's no standard/generic/singular way to do it. I get the feeling you're looking for some sort of black box process you can blindly apply. And that's not a thing. But there's loads of research and methods on how to classify such things. Which one will actually work with your data is a question only those looking at the data can answer.

You could anonymize that data and post it here (or wherever) and hold a contest to see who gets the best classifier. Offer a $1000 reward. 8^D

On 1/11/23 18:08, Eric Charles wrote:
> I'm also trying to do some sort of career classification game, originally because I thought it wouldn't be too hard. IF it was possible to do the career classification game, it would de facto assist with the attrition prediction. But if that just kind of isn't a thing, then I guess it isn't a thing <shrug>.

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