[FRIAM] Morning Coffee thought: Good time for global warming bingo

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Tue Jan 17 13:48:40 EST 2023

Glen Sed:
> Not weather, per se. Via HackerNews:
> The Ecological Catastrophe You’ve Never Heard Of
> https://nautil.us/the-ecological-catastrophe-youve-never-heard-of-257291/


Among this collection (not to undervalue the headlining story) is the 
"Great Forgetting" 
which was an incredibly compelling parable to try to understand (modern) 
humanity's  impact on the Earth's Systems through the analogy of "memory 
loss" her anecdotal experience with losing a brother to Schizophrenia 
which may have been triggered by a single traumatic event (head injury)...

And the amazing glacial-lake-leak-unto-tsunami-unto-mudslide-etc 
headline story was very powerful...

thanks for that link!

- Steve

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