[FRIAM] help with archives

glen gepropella at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 17:25:45 EST 2023


On 1/20/23 14:12, Prof David West wrote:
> Pardon my ignorance of something I should know how to do, but have not had reason to do it, and hence my ongoing ignorance.
> I made a post a long time ago with a title close to, "truth, what is it good for? absolutely nothing"
> Might someone brighter than me, find it in the archives so I can cut and paste it into a document?
> many thanks
> davew

ꙮ Mɥǝu ǝlǝdɥɐuʇs ɟᴉƃɥʇ' ʇɥǝ ƃɹɐss snɟɟǝɹs˙ ꙮ

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